Striped Maple

striped maple web development

new techniques

These new abilities are available on many browsers. In order to see these effects, you must use a modern browser. Luckily, most current browsers support most of these new features.

Much more can be done with new techniques: transparency, rotation, shadows, multiple backgrounds, better forms, sound, video, animation.

web fonts

This is Diavlo- light

This is Diavlo- book

This is Diavlo- medium

This is Diavlo- bold

This is Diavlo- black

This is Grunge Serafia- regular

This is Fortin- regular

This is Fortin - italic

This is Fortin - bold

This is Fortin - small caps

This is Chemist- regular

This is Chemist - rough

box shadows


text buttons

Buttons can be styled in many ways: