Striped Maple

striped maple web development


individual services * fees
page creation $20/page
consultation $30/hour
site maintenance $40/hour
domain name email $10/address
domain name mailing list $10/list
digitizing of artwork (if none exists) $20/hour
search engine submission $10
form page creation $40/page
digital photography $20/hour
designing logos $30/hour
monthly site traffic report $10/month
site rebuild/recreation $10/hour
conversion for smartphone $50/hour
sql databases & php $30/hour
database front-ends $50/hour
formatting digital art $20/hour
uploading files $20/hour
rebuilding site links $20/hour
organizing site files $20/hour
Secure Socket Layer ready site fee depends on ISP

* an unavoidable cost of a website, not listed above, is the ISP fee for hosting your site. Minimum cost: $150/year