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steps to having a website

  1. Find and register with an Internet Service Provider.
    There are many ISPs to chose among. Look for the features you require to be included in any package you consider. An ISP will offer you a way to confirm that the Domain Name you are considering is available. Most offer email addresses related to your chosen domain name. You should consider whether you need database resources for collecting subscribers or other data. In the end, the owner of the site (you) must do this. The web designer cannot do it for you.
  2. Create a Domain Name that is short, easy to remember and carries information about your site. Create several in case other people have had the same idea as you. There are already millions of sites out there.
  3. Consider carefully the purpose of your site: to inform., to sell, to build communication, create a community? Or… ?
  4. Decide on a general, overall feeling or atmosphere you want your site to create.
  5. Make a list of adjectives to describe your perfect site.
  6. Who is this site for? Make a list of the kinds of people you expect to visit your site.
  7. Imagine your home page. What should the visitor's first impression be? What will be there to grab their attention?
  8. Where does this lead? What other pages will there be? What activities will be offered? What will keep visitors coming back? What value is there for your visitors? What need does this site meet?
  9. Will you need to collect money? How will this be done? Paypal? ApplePay? Some other money service? These need to be lined up in advance.
  10. What images need to be incorporated into the site? Do you have them? Do they need to be created or purchased? Do you need to create a logo?
  11. Some standard pages for a website include:
    • contacts
    • FAQ
    • newsletter
    • discussion
    • event listings
    • bulletins
    • staff listing
    • purpose or mission statement
    • privacy statement
    • member biographies
    • calendar
    • podcasts
    • photo galleries
    • 'members only' pages

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